"Villa Irianna Rooms To Let" is located in the Beach of Ofrynio, near the city of Kavala and has been trading in the field of tourism and hospitality since 1993! The founders are the Papadopoulou family who built this business with a great pleasure and willingness and is taking care of this location ever since. The initial leader and responsible for all these efforts was Pavlos Papadopoulos. At first, the accommodation was included with 6 rooms and a small garden and was operating with the name "Pavlos Room To Let".

Today, the management and taking care of the building belongs to the latter’s son, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, in whom the complete renovation and the rebuilding of all the edifice in 2010 and the rename of the business to "Villa Irianna" belongs to. Now, it contains a reception, 4 ground-floor rooms with one of them capable of hosting people with special needs, and 6 more rooms at the first floor! In addition, it has a big garden with a gazebo and an outdoor grill with dining area!

Our main concern and guiding principle is the comfortable hospitality, the safety and the satisfaction of our costumers! We strive to achieve familiarity with an exclusive aim to provide you the best services! We have the honor to annually host visitors from various destinations, like Balcan countries, North and Central Europe, as well as visitors from distant continents like Australia! We invite you to come in our accomodation so that to experience our claims and have a beautiful, relaxing and...unforgettable holiday!